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Cycle Touring with Diabetes

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June 2012 I was in the middle of planning this cycle journey from the UK to New Zealand. I wasn't going to let this small setback stop me so I immediately began to research ways to manage the condition to ensure such a journey would be possible....

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Last location information received on 18th September 2016 at 2:32pm

Currently in (or near) Ji’an Township, Taiwan, at an altitude of 38m above sea level.

The temperature is 24°C and the forecast is for Light rain until tonight, starting again tomorrow morning.

A Great Distance

A Great Distance is primarily an adventure by bicycle from the United Kingdom to New Zealand. It is also about hope, courage and inspiration.

The journey has been several years in the planning and would have begun sometime ago if it wasn't for a small matter of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June 2012, putting a twist on logistics for the journey and delaying departure while I adjusted my plans.

A Great Distance is about inspiring myself and other Diabetics; to show that the disease needn't be a barrier to following your dreams.

With thanks to...

While an adventure such as this would seem to be a relatively solitary experience, not a single turn of the wheels would be possible without the support of friends and family.

So many people have come out to wish me luck for the journey, and it was very difficult to say "see you in 18 months". Most of them don't have logos but the ones who do are listed below.

Adventure-lovers kora have signed me up as one of their Development Athletes and I'll be pushing their products to the limit in as many places as possible between the UK and NZ.

A special mention goes to my employer DADI+, for whom I build software when I'm not cycling to the other side of the world. With our remote working policy I should still be able to commit a few lines of code here and there...

DADI+ is a senior team of analysts, strategists, creatives & technologists specialising in data strategy to improve customer relationships across digital and retail channels.

kora™ has developed a range of yak wool clothing with the aim of supporting the Himalayan communities that share the mountains with these wonderful creatures. Read their story.

An appreciation of simplicity in bicycling – two wheels, one gear and a spanner-in-hand approach to urban commuting and maybe the odd ride out of town.

Born+Bred England craft some beautiful products from leather and waxed canvas and produced an incredible cover for keeping my solar power equipment well protected.

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